In the spirit of the season I’d like to remind us of the greatest gift we all possess and that is the blessing of HOPE!

The world around us has conditioned us to believe we are of no value unless we possess money or things of monetary worth. We have become obsessed with having the newest, the best, the most expensive items of the moment. We talk constantly about what we WANT, teaching our children to do the same. Even our jobs and how much we make validates if we’re successful, it doesn’t matter who you stepped on or stole from. All of us dealing with lawyers, banks, guardians etc. in our parents or loved ones abuse cases understand this. What we WANT, becomes what we have, becomes who we are! This is all illusion.

What we HOPE for is real. HOPE comes from our soul from what’s unseen. HOPE creates faith. HOPE is our greatest gift to survive even the most painful, heartbreaking, traumatic experiences the physical world can put us through. All of us fighting “the new norm”, where our ill parents are being taken by a family member, guardian, lawyer, court, etc. and hidden from us who really love them,until they die alone, know what HOPE is. Those of us who’ve watched these perpetrators destroy families so they can get what they WANT, our parents money and assets, know what HOPE is. Most of us who have shouted, cried, begged to the police, APS, and other agencies (who’s job it is to stop this abuse), but have been met with apathy, excuses even annoyance from them, know what HOPE is.

In this season rejoice in HOPE for our families, our children, our world. Be grateful for HOPE because it causes change. Know that in our hearts we carry the most valuable gift for our cause, the gift of HOPE!♥️